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Washington Dulles International Airport AeroTrain

Designing Solutions for Washington Dulles for Nearly 30 Years

Lea+Elliott has been leading the planning, procurement and implementation oversight activities for the new airside AeroTrain ATS system at Washington Dulles International Airport since 1985. The underground ATS is a secure system, and connects the existing Main Terminal and Concourse B (Tier 1) with a new Tier 2 concourse. The initial system includes five miles of single-lane guideway and four stations. The initial fleet is 29 vehicles, configured in three-car trains. 

Lea+Elliott worked on the project in seven distinct areas:

  • Planning - Refined and quantified the ATS requirements needed to complete the project, including ridership estimates, operation and maintenance scenarios and guideway switch requirements.
  • Preliminary Design - Defined the route alignment and train consist requirements.
  • Procurement Document Preparation - Developed the Request for Proposals including the Instructions to Offerors, General Provisions, Special Provisions, Technical Provisions, Reference Drawings, and the Operations and Maintenance Provisions (a separate contract).
  • Scheduling - Provided input to MWAA to develop the overall project schedule from project definition, procurement phase, through design and implementation. 
  • Fixed Facilities - Developed the ATS fixed facility design criteria necessary to accommodate the ATS operating system equipment. The fixed facilities included the tunnel; stations; maintenance and storage areas; electrical power substations; central control rooms, etc. 
  • Contractor Selection - Provided input to MWAA for the evaluation of the ATS Proposals.
  • Fixed Facility Interface Management - Provided review comments to the various Fixed Facility design packages and facilitated design meetings to ensure compliance with generic APM interface requirements.   

The firm was awarded the contract to provide Construction Administration Support Services for this airside ATS in 2003. In this role, Lea+Elliott was responsible for systems engineering and safety; design review of the operating system and fixed facilities; interface management; and construction management oversight. The system began passenger service in January 2010. The system can carry 6,755 passenger per hour per direction during peak hour usage.