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Singapore Changi International Airport People Mover System

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) installed an automated people mover system (PMS) at Singapore Changi International Airport. The system includes seven shuttle routes that are actually two physically isolated yet operationally integrated systems.

Lea+Elliott was selected as part of a multi-disciplinary master plan team to assist throughout the planning and conceptual design of this intra- and inter-terminal people mover system. Our responsibilities included development of an effective plan for the inter-terminal PMS at Terminal 3, as well as integration of the system with the existing Terminals 1 and 2. This included planning and incorporation of provisions for a future expansion and the connection to a future Terminal 4 complex.

The detailed planning phase included: analyzing existing ridership in conjunction with future airport use scenarios; developing and analyzing alignment and station alternatives; simulating train operations; and estimating capital and O&M costs, using Lea+Elliott’s proprietary LEGENDS® software. Work also included the development of the facilities requirements and designs for the stations and the maintenance facilities.

Lea+Elliott was subsequently selected by CAAS, in a competitive process, to be the authority’s ongoing APM consultant.