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OCTA Bus Rapid Transit

Full Service Consulting Made a Smooth Road for Bus Transit Improvements

Lea+Elliott assisted the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) with the implementation of a countywide bus rapid transit (BRT) system including three corridors on county's busiest corridors. The BRT system named Bravo! has its own distinct identity, traffic signal synchronization, enhanced bus shelters, and real-time bus arrival information. In addition, preliminary design of transit signal priority throughout the corridors was conducted.  To support this service, OCTA utilized approximately 50 40-foot New Flyer compressed natural gas buses with low-floors.

Our program management team was involved on various levels and aspects of the system including: project management, development of the BRT concept, environmental documents, work scopes for architectural and engineering services, stakeholder coordination, facilitation and recording of meetings, service planning, design oversight, and construction management.

Lea+Elliott also provided support during a fare collection assessment for the BRT system.  We also provided a technology assessment to analyze fare collection systems including recommendations regarding the most applicable system.