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MIC-Earlington Height Connector: The AirportLink

We are Helping to Create Nearly 90 Miles of Rapid Transit Rail

Funded by local and state dollars, the AirportLink, is a 2.4-mile-long extension of the existing Earlington Heights (EH) Metrorail station to the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) that serves Miami International Airport (MIA).

Lea+Elliott, as a subconsultant to URS Corporation, was responsible for preliminary design and procurement documents for the Orange Line Phase I operating system. The scope of work included train control, communications, power supply and distribution, and modifications to the control center. Lea+Elliott was also responsible for providing operating system elements interface requirements for the fixed facilities design. The construction procurement included a conventional design-bid-build approach for the Metrorail stations, guideway and other fixed facilities, and a design-build procurement for the operating system elements, all in one single construction contract. Lea+Elliott provided design review services for the required contract document submittals for the final operating system design, and supported the factory acceptance process and reviewed testing and commissioning procedures.

Since successfully opening in July 2012, the AirportLink, as this project is known, has garnered a merit award from Engineering News-Record as one of the world's best rail engineering projects.