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Las Colinas Area Personal Transit

Our Approach Led to the Design of a Completely New, Lightweight APM

Lea+Elliott was selected by the Dallas County Utility and Reclamation District to coordinate the design, procurement and construction of an APM system to serve Las Colinas, a major urban development near Dallas. This project required an innovative procurement process to assure that the system vehicles would fit the existing guideway. The approach developed by Lea+Elliott ultimately led to the design of a completely new, lightweight APM system, the Adtranz C-45. Lea+Elliott served as the technology consultant for all systems work and provided design standards to a team of architects and engineers. We prepared equipment procurement specifications, evaluated technical proposals, and assisted in technical and contractual negotiations with proposing suppliers. During the implementation phase, Lea+Elliott provided all technical services for design and document reviews, testing, and verification and acceptance.

In June 2013, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Orange Line extension opened with a new light rail station in Las Colinas that connects to the Area Personal Transit (APT) system. Residents and workers in Las Colinas can now connect to/from DART with a seamless connection to the rest of the DART service area