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Honolulu Airport Wiki-Wiki Bus Support

Stress Reduction Achieved by Designing Mid-Term Solutions for Long-Term Improvements

Lea+Elliott assisted the State of Hawaii DOT in assessing and analyzing the intra-airport passenger transportation system at Honolulu International Airport (HNL). HNL provides a Wiki-Wiki bus shuttle to transport passengers between airport destinations. Lea+Elliott helped the state analyze improvements to the Wiki-Wiki system and provided a mid-term solution for HNL’s intra-airport transportation needs until the master plan update was complete.

Lea+Elliott’s work included four separate tasks:

  • Providing technical expertise to assess the issues and expedite the delivery of the state’s existing battery bus contract.
  • As part of the mid-term solution, it was determined that new buses were needed to maintain and improve the level of service of the Wiki-Wiki shuttle. Our team analyzed the specific bus system needs and provided the state with bus specification procurement documents.
  • We also completed a detailed inspection of the Chance coaches that were used for the Wiki-Wiki system, assessed the viability for continued service, and provided the state with various levels of available refurbishment. Once the state determined that a minimal level of refurbishment was most cost and time effective, we prepared a scope of work for the refurbishment.
  • Results of the first three tasks were combined with various passenger transportation options to determine mid-term solutions for HNL. Work included alignment and operations analysis for APM alternatives and design and planning for a sterile corridor, which took into account significant factors such as fire/life safety concerns, corridor size, location, and passenger movement. 

Lea+Elliott was subsequently awarded additional tasks to assist with the improvement of the maintenance program that included participation in the bid and award of both the new bus procurement and the bus rehabilitation effort, and ensuring the sterile corridor remained on the designated program.