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This is the science of moving people.

We are a specialized group of planners, engineers and architects that concentrates on transit systems. Our experience in planning, engineering, procurement, project structuring, program management, and operations & maintenance spans over 35 years. Read more >

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The Lea+Elliott team includes planning, engineering and management experts who have worked for suppliers, manufacturers and operators of transit systems. Our first-hand knowledge of complex systems and technologies is an added value that results in creative, on-target, cost-efficient transportation solutions. Read more >

Our role in a new project starts at the onset of planning and concludes when the transit system starts carrying passengers. Throughout the process, we help our clients navigate complex decisions related to funding strategies and project delivery options. Our expertise through all phases of the process enables us to deliver the complete transportation project. Read more >

+Automated Transit Systems

Lea+Elliott is widely recognized as the industry leader in automated transit systems worldwide with experience in all kinds of automated transit systems. >

+Rail Transit Systems

Our experience in all modes of rail transit has placed us as an industry leader in assisting federal, state, local government agencies, and the private sector. >

+Bus Transit Systems

Lea+Elliott provides leadership in bus technologies, including articulated, trackless, trolley, dual-propulsion, guided, and bus rapid transit systems. >

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